Art obu Art/Little Vehicle, Okura Park, Obu City, 2017

We will be selling ice lollies and chilled books at ASP 3 at the ICA this Saturday 8th July between 11-7

'Richard Gere Leaves Me Breathless: The Archive' at White Cubicle, 2017

Richard Gere Leaves Me Breathless, Utrecht, Tokyo, 2017

'What do you wanna know? I'm from Earth. I'm a person. I love you.'
Guest lecture for 'Collaborate' at LCC, 2016

Richard Gere's crotch at Offprint, 2016

'Little Vehicle', Nagoya, 2016


'Coverage and 4th smouldering waste and slightly horny, slightly pleated back, published in 1963' lecture at Richmond University.

'Dimanche A Pekin' & 'La Jetée' screened in 16mm as part of 'A Zoo for Chris Marker' at Tenderbooks, 2015

'A Zoo for Chris Marker', Tenderbooks, 2015

Some of our Petite Planète collection, photo courtesy of Richard Hollis

We are currently away from the studio in a hippie shed in Kent. We may reply to some emails after Tuesday 25th August.
Bong on, RBTC

Almost saw Berbatov score in Lille, 2015.

Adventures in 'Ouvroir', Chris Marker's Second Life archipelago